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Welcome to Write All The Words

We are a Discord-based group of writers and published authors from all over the world, run and managed by author Ariele Sieling with support from authors Melisa Peterson Lewis and Beth Martin. We run sprints together, do challenges, have discussions about all things writing, and support each other in our goals. We welcome writers of all genres!

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(This group is 18+.)

About Us

Write All The Words began in 2019 when Ariele was looking for online friends to write with. While there were plenty of groups on Facebook to participate in, she was specifically looking for a space that wasn't on social media, as she found constantly updating feeds and notifications very distracting. So, after some digging and research, she decided to start her own Discord server. A few friends joined initially, but over time the group grew to over 100 members, and continues to grow. 

The vibe is relaxed. We allow swearing and conversations that are NSFW, though we keep them focused around writing and storytelling. We have personal servers where individuals can share their work and projects. And the idea is that while we write alone, we don't have to be alone.

The rules of the group are simple: 

We have members from all over the world, and welcome all races, genders, ages, and personalities. And if you think you're weird (which may writers do!), I promise—you're not too weird for us.