Badger Camp

Welcome to Badger Camp! (April 2024)

"What is Badger Camp?" you might ask. 

This is an opportunity to get some word count in! It is a one-month challenge where we invite you to badger yourself and your friends into accomplishing something. 

How does it work? 

Well, you can start by joining our discord server if you like, but you're welcome to do this on your own as well.  

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Meet Spark!

Meet Spark, our Camp Counselor! Spark is the badgeriest of all badgers, and she will be watching your every move to make sure you reach your goal! 

Spark is a badger with many days experience badgering her campers into writing words, staying focused, and getting shit done. 


First of all, let me make it clear that I don't believe in rules. So these are like UNO rules. This is how we suggest playing the game, but honestly, do whatever tf you want.

It's not the speed that matters, it's the journey itself.


What type of camper are you? 

Everyone is a little different and has different preferences when it comes to how they like to be encouraged and the ways they like to engage with others. Here are a few types of campers you could be! Pick one to let others know how you like to be badgered. 

Digging Tools 

If you want to keep digging into your goals, we've created a few tools to help you along the way!

Word Tracker

We have developed our very own tool in Google Docs for you to use! This word (or page or day) tracker is pre-programmed to create charts to show you visualizations of your progress! All you have to do is click "File > Make a Copy" and then input your daily word counts! You can change the dates, or customize it however you want!

Click here to find it in Google Sheets!


You may notice the Word Tracking doc has a second sheet! This is because we know that writing is a long, arduous process and it's important to keep up our motivation along the way. 

One way we like to do this is with stickers! 

These are digital stickers that you can give yourself for any reason you want. Maybe you sat down at your desk when you didn't feel like it. Maybe you hit a wordcount or editing goal. Maybe you just think you deserve a sticker! 

We've provided a few here, but there will be more to unlock as the month goes on!

Beth's Tools

Need a stopwatch or a sprint timer? Beth is always coming up with useful tools! 

Click here to check out what she's got available!

Discord Server

If you feel like you need a little encouragement or community, feel free to join us on Discord! We hang out, chat, run sprints, do online events, and generally have a good time badgering each other to reach our goals.

We welcome new members and are excited to learn about you and your projects.

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