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In our vibrant Discord group, we value the diversity and creativity of our members. From best-selling authors to emerging talents, each member brings a unique voice to our community.

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Melisa Peterson Lewis 

Lazarus City: a science fiction series by Melisa Peterson Lewis

Amidst the chaos and horror in a zombie-infected Baltimore City, Shelby and Dean's lives take unforeseen paths. Compelled by their unwavering determination in this nightmarish scenario, they do anything to survive behind city walls. 

Beth Martin

Beth Martin writes science-fiction stories and an exciting series of logic-puzzle books. Want to experience an escape room at home or on the go? Play one of Beth's Puzzling Escapes adventures!

Ariele Sieling

Aria's Song: a future fantasy trilogy by written by Ariele Sieling.

I have spent my life on the run, hiding from those hunting me down. I know I'm odd—electronics tend to break around me and I get migraines whenever someone brings up politics. But I've finally found some stability. That is, until a man shows up, accusing me of murdering androids.

It wasn't me. I swear. But I have to run again. Or else my mother will die.

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